Run the Gamut: color match game idea


I imagined it would be something like this.

When I was four, I wanted to grow up to be a rainbow scientist. Not an optician, mind you, or a physicist who specializes in studying optical phenomena, but instead a made up profession where I’d mix colors in test tubes and beakers, and then write up and present my findings.

So far, so good; I’ve been messing with tints, blend modes, filters and shaders for years now. Putting as many colors onscreen at once has become a theme stretching across multiple side projects I’ve started and suspended. And here’s an idea for a new one.


Most people don’t realize that we’ve mapped colors to spaces, to help us reason about and operate on them. We’ve devised different models to suit different needs (like this one on the right), but they all have similarities. I think it would be fun and informative to present these models to players in the guise of levels, and to task players with finding a goal color in a given space, in a limited amount of time.

Project Name: Run the Gamut


  • Leverages 3D scene graph, which I need to learn
  • Relies on dynamic mesh generation, which I need to learn
  • Benefits from shaders, which I need to learn within Unity
  • Straightforward-seeming prototype, with interesting possible directions
  • Is colorful
  • Requires few assets


  • Displaying a surface that intersects a color solid requires a better understanding of color spaces
    • Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise


So far, I think this is what I’ll be working on.


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