Displaying color solids

All right, all right, so how am I going to make a game level out of color spaces? Well, first, I’ll need to display a color solid somehow.

color solid is a 3D object that models the position of colors within a color space. It’s somewhat analogous to a desktop globe; just as you might refer to the surface of a globe for information about what’s on the Earth, you can refer to the cross sections of a color solid for information about what’s in the color space it represents. Continue reading


Run the Gamut: color match game idea


I imagined it would be something like this.

When I was four, I wanted to grow up to be a rainbow scientist. Not an optician, mind you, or a physicist who specializes in studying optical phenomena, but instead a made up profession where I’d mix colors in test tubes and beakers, and then write up and present my findings.

So far, so good; I’ve been messing with tints, blend modes, filters and shaders for years now. Putting as many colors onscreen at once has become a theme stretching across multiple side projects I’ve started and suspended. And here’s an idea for a new one. Continue reading

Junket: puzzle game idea

I’m already set on not doing this, but here’s a game idea I was turning over in my mind as our ragtag band of misfits introduced one another.

I recently bought this fun, simple puzzle with a nice, tactile feel. Being shaped like a set of keys, it seems only natural to carry it in my pocket. I can toy with it when I’m thinking hard about a problem at work, or if I’m waiting to get on a train. It’s like a lightning rod, dispelling a cognitive charge that would otherwise distract me.

The puzzle can be in one of many states, one of which is the solution. Finding that solution isn’t the only joy in keeping the puzzle, however– pushing it from state to state is its own reward. Continue reading